Logs and Briquettes

Logs and Briquettes
bag of logs   6 bags £24

Hardwood Kiln Dried Logs

Our logs are a mixture of oak and alder hardwoods and are kiln dried with as little as 20% moisture left and as so are ready to go straight on the fire or in your log burner, because they are dryer they burn hotter and for longer than seasoned logs making them far more economical.
bag of logs
1 bag £2.50
10 bags £15.00

Rowlog Briquettes

Our briquettes are made here in the factory using compressed recycled wood waste and as so are 100% renewable energy, they are long burning, carbon neutral with clean storage and handling and clean burning (0.5%) ash, they are ideal for open fires, stoves, ovens, chimneas, log burners and bbqs.
bag of sticks
1 bag £2

Rowlog Kindling

Our kindling sticks are cut from waste products in our factory and as so are 100% renewable energy they are very dry and quick lighting just what you need to get the fire started.
builders bag of Timber offcuts

Timber Offcuts

builders bag of Timber offcuts only £15
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